Monday, October 13, 2008

Black Magic??.

I have all the reasons to believe that some one was doing black magic on me (or may be still doing). Wiki defines black magic as 

Black magic or dark magic is a form of sorcery that draws on malevolent powers. It may be used for dark purposes or malevolent acts that deliberately cause harm in some way. It is alternatively spelt with a 'k' (magick). This term is also known as the dark arts of magic and dark side magic.
You can find more about it here.  

So here is what happened. I had Five Punctures (all on my bike's BIG FAT back wheel) in less than four days, followed by two more in as many weeks that followed. Each and every picture was similar; a small nail was the destructor.

  Day 1(Wednesday) Morning: I was in a hurry to go office for an Important meeting, I had to go to Tippasandra for a small work(drop cheque) and then head to office, I reached ATM at 9am, dropped the cheque and was heading office, and that was the time for first puncture (after almost an year). I have this Rescue membership(24 hrs break down assistance), to which I thought, I will give a call, only to realize that the membership had expired, I had paid 365 bucks for the membership for one year and had used it only once. Luckily I found a mechanic just yards away, Got the bike fixed and went to office in time,

  Day 2(Thursday) Morning: I wanted to go to office early as I had to leave office early that day. I went to basement parking of my apartment to find a flat tyre on my bike, by then (luckily) I had renewed my Rescue membership for another one year. I called them up; the mechanic arrived in about 15 minutes and fixed the bike. Previous day the mechanic who did my first puncture had told me to change the tube next time it goes flat. So this time I changed the Tube and hoped the things to be fine. I reached office 1 hour later than expected time.

  Day 2(Thursday) Evening: I was at home with my Friend, and we decided to go out for dinner, to a place close to my Apartment. On the way I got a call from my friend and I had to reach BTM and it was urgent. I was low on fuel; I went to Shell petrol bunk on Old madras road and took off to BTM, 500 meters into the ride, Boom!, it was time for Third puncture, and at a time when I was in a hurry. To my luck, I found an Auto guy who agreed to take me to BTM and drop me back to old madras road and best part is he did not demand any extra money; He just put the meter! and that too at around 10:30PM. On the Way I called up my friend and the Rescue guy and asked them to co-ordinate and get the bike fixed, I was back in an hour’s time and by them the bike was fixed.

Day 3(Friday): All was fine. And I thought three punctures in two days was too much to be happening to anyone.

Day 4(Saturday) Morning: I had to go to my new house site for some documents signing and I came to basement of my apartment to find a flat tyre again. By then I was wondering (yeah, you all can think what all I could have been wondering about). It was time to call the Rescue guys again, called them, got it fixed, went to site, finished my work and went to office for some urgent issue (yeah, urgent issues are always on a Saturday!). I finished the stuff around 4 and went to BDA complex for a small snack. I came back all tired to go home and Boom! Time for fifth Puncture. In one whole previous year, I did not use the Rescue card for any emergency as much as I did in last three days. Phew.

I decided then that I will write about it, but only after this thing (If I have to call it Black Magic) stops.

This was about three weeks back, after that I had two more punctures and totally 5 punctures on my new tube and the new tube is due for a change in another 2 or three punctures.

I have waited enough for this crazy ride to stop, but it has not, so I am going ahead and posting this, May be everything will be normal after this. 


TheGreatOne said...

OMG!! :-o This has gone way above 'Black Magic'. It's gone way above any kind of magic or such divine interventions! This is it! You have been chosen. Satan, there he comes! good to know you! :-P

On a serious note, weren't the rescue guys really irritated? ...thinking..maybe this guy is playing some prank on 'em..purposely puncturing tyres and all! :D

Pitila Aka Sandy Boi said...

Yeah, they were kinda pissed.

Rize said...

haha..seriously i had a good laugh :D .... why dont u change the tire also and check! maybe the tire is cursed!

Pitila Aka Sandy Boi said...

I was thinking abt it. but then Now I am actually thinking abt changing the whole bike!!

El Furibundo said...

Dude! This is not black magic! This is a conspiracy. I think someone is sending out a message. :D

'Smee! said...

You've been tagged!

'Smee! said...

Sorry, tagged link is

Rize said...

what are u doing i say..sitting and hatching eggs ah i say..write something i say!

Stargazer said...

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