Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ragi Muddhe with Chicken Curry

Saturday morning, I woke up early (as always) at 6:53AM, My maid, she always comes early on week-ends!
After a dull morning, I messaged Satish, Pooh and San, if they want to join me for Rotti oota(North Karnatak Cuisine lunch) at one of my favorite places in Bangalore, Amruta 
Restaurant. After two hour's of waiting, no one replied back :(. So I decided I will go alone this time.

As I reach to the my bike in the basement, I realized for some reason, I did not feel like taking the bike out that day, I decided I will use public transport instead. I walked upto the C V Raman Nagar bus stop and to my surprise I find the Rupee one Volvo bus again!. WOW, Awesome. It looked as if bus was waiting for me, I  just got into and it started to move!

As the bus neared the Lido mall, My phone rang and it was Satish, he said he and Pooh will be joining for lunch, Yipeeeee! :), I was not alone anymore for my favorite lunch.

After about an hour of ride, I finally reached the place, waited patiently for Pooh and Satish to turn up, they finally did, and we had a nice lunch.

We started walking back to the bus stand, when all of a sudden, we started talking about favorite dishes etc and then I happened to say Ragi muddhe and chicken curry happens to be my favorite dish and Pooh was quick enough to say that her mom prepares awesome muddhe and chiken curry, and she also prmoised me that she and her mom will cook my favorite combo meal some day.

Some time late in the day, I was chatting with Pooh on gamil chat, and she asked me if I was free on Sunday(the next day), when I asked what for?, she told me that we all are going to have Ragi muddhe the very next day!. I was so happy. You made my Day! Pooh. After that it was all about waiting for lunch time on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon 1PM, Pooh and Satish landed at my place with Ragi muddhe and Chicken Curry. We all enjoyed the lunch.

What a lunch I had that day. Thanks to Pooh and her mom, I got to eat one of my favorite combo meal, Home cooked Ragi muddhe(Ragi Balls) with chicken curry. It was yummy.
Now, I need more of it, and more often :). And best part is I know who to ask for :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My little story about the Re.1 Volvo Travel in Bangalore

Finally I get down to blog, Lets see if I will be able to and for how long.

A small story, but it made my day after a very bad second half yesterday and a bad start to the morning today because of some phone call with someone.

My bike was giving me lot of issues and today morning I decided I will drop it off at a service station, I went to the service station told him all the problems abt the bike and then I thought I will take an auto to office, but first I thought I will wait for bus for 5 minutes, instead of paying lots for the auto. waited for 7 minutes, no Bus and stopped an Auto.

Me: C V Raman nagar ge barthira?

[will you come to C V Raman nagar?]

Auto Guy; C V Raman Nagar nalli elli sir?

[Where in C V Raman Nagar?]

I am saying to myself now, if I say Bagmane tech park, I knew he would ask, no actually demand lots from me. after a three seconds halt and thought, I told him.

Me: Sir, Bagmane tech park sir.

Auto Guy: 50 rupees sir.

What the **, 50 bucks to travel from tippasandra to office(max 2 KM). I got wild.

Me: Agalla, 20 rupees kodthini,

Some argument began, went on for a minute or so, I was not in a great mood, either, before I lost my temper, I was delighted to see a Vayu Vajra(Volvo) and it was promotional day and they were asking for just Re.1 to travel anywhere. I got that smile on my face,

Auto Guy: Ok, aythu, Final yestu kodthira,

[Ok, fine how much will you give me]

Me: One rupee, I showed him the one buck coin in my hand.

His face was worth looking at, before he could say anything more, I told.

Me: Nodi, nimma rear view mirror nodi

{just see at your rear view mirror]

I walked off from that place with some satisfaction towards a brighter day,

hopped on to the bus, was surprised to find a place to sit, Its One buck and its not crowded, I could not believe, took the ticket and sat down for a small Volvo ride.

At the next stop there was interesting thing waiting to happen,

 The bus stopped and some more ppl got in, there was this ajji(Grandma) starring at the bus and not feeling great about it.

Driver: Ba Ajji, elli hogabeku?

[Come inside, where you want to go?]

Ajji: C V Raman nagar, ninna bus bedappa, 15 rupees kelthiya ninu.

[C V Raman Nagar, No thanks, you charge 15 rupees]

Driver: Ninu ba ajji, bari ondhu rupayee kodu.

[Come, its Ok, You just give me one rupee]

 Oh Man, The sweetness, the child face on ajji was evident, she was so happy and came and sat in the bus. It was moment worth capturing.

Conductor: Kodu, 15 rupees kodu,

[Give 15 bucks]

Ajji: hun?, le, one rupee ashte, driver heliddhu.

[Hun? Driver told me its just one rupee]

Conductor: kuthkondre, 15 rupee, ninthkondre mathra, one rupee.

[If you sit, 15 bucks, stand, one rupee only]

She was stunned for a moment and then whole bus went to laughter, Now, how often do you get to see this in a public transport,

What followed was quite a laughter moment, Conductor in great mood. ppl on bus in a great mood. Ajji exchanging some jokes with others on the bus abt the driver, conductor and the bus, then laughter was seen outside the bus too, at the C V R Junction with a traffic police.

Traffic police to the Driver, Enappa, bari ondhu rupee,

{so, only one rupee hun?]

Driver: Howdu sir, Nevu banni, nimma pulsar gintha chennagide.

[Yeah, You too come in, its better than your Pulsar!]

Both laugh! And then after another 2 minutes ride, Most of the bus was empty, 90% ppl got off at Bagmane Tech Park.

 Person1: I fell so nice, I saved 39 bucks on fuel today, instead of 40 rupees that I spend one way, every day, this is much better. 20 bucks (the normal fair for Volvo for the distance he travels) isn't bad at all. This is good alternative to bike ride, I am not at all tired today, and may be I will be better productive at office today.


Then I said to myself, May be the one rupee thing/idea of the transport minister just has become a Super hit. May be, May be not, lets hope for the best.


What a day, 12th September, 2008. It made me finally write, I wrote once before, not officially on a blog, Whatever I wrote, it will be in here soon, and it was abt my trip to US, Which I wanted to share with all, Now I feel like writing, no matter who reads it, and how many reads them.


Sweet ajji, you made my day, and changed something today!.

I will cherish this day.

P.S: Grammar mistakes will surely improve, I am learning! Finally!