Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do Dreams really come true?

I hear this quite often, I mean the phrase, "Dream come true". what does it really mean, after much debate with myself, I decided and came to a conclusion, that dreams are something u will never achieve, and aim is something that you know u can achieve and work towards it.

For me these were some of my dreams.

Cross country road trip to leh ladak from bangalore on bike.

Drive a Ferrari or rather own one (dream because, Even if I have so much money, I would never buy this one, when obv this money can be used for so many other good causes) and many more alike.

Some of my aim in life are, Travel as much as you can, etc, etc.

Ok, here is the reason why I am writing this, I had a chance, a chance of lifetime go to leh ladak biking, I was all exited and was telling abt it to many of my friends, also started wondering "Dream come true movements do really exists, but then, I was told by the organizers that my bike is tooo old for the same, Even before I could realize the moment, and started to think and debate abt what dreams are etc, there it was, what many would like to call Dreams shattered.

So I still stick back to my old thought of Dreams being just dreams, I don’t think in reality they ever exist and those dream come true moments really don’t take place, at least in my life

Hmm, for now, Leh Ladak bike trip is still a distant dream.


Rize said...

yes, dreams are difficult to achieve. if you do not achieve it, you still get close to it on numerous occasions and that itself, should give a sense of satisfaction. dreams are many, and sometimes its nice to just dream about things that we really cannot achieve in reality. I think its just to keep you happy from time to time! keep dreaming, u will be achieving something worth achieving!

'Smee! said...

Arre. Bike trip to Leh is not such a big deal. I'm sure you will do it someday.