Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ragi Muddhe with Chicken Curry

Saturday morning, I woke up early (as always) at 6:53AM, My maid, she always comes early on week-ends!
After a dull morning, I messaged Satish, Pooh and San, if they want to join me for Rotti oota(North Karnatak Cuisine lunch) at one of my favorite places in Bangalore, Amruta 
Restaurant. After two hour's of waiting, no one replied back :(. So I decided I will go alone this time.

As I reach to the my bike in the basement, I realized for some reason, I did not feel like taking the bike out that day, I decided I will use public transport instead. I walked upto the C V Raman Nagar bus stop and to my surprise I find the Rupee one Volvo bus again!. WOW, Awesome. It looked as if bus was waiting for me, I  just got into and it started to move!

As the bus neared the Lido mall, My phone rang and it was Satish, he said he and Pooh will be joining for lunch, Yipeeeee! :), I was not alone anymore for my favorite lunch.

After about an hour of ride, I finally reached the place, waited patiently for Pooh and Satish to turn up, they finally did, and we had a nice lunch.

We started walking back to the bus stand, when all of a sudden, we started talking about favorite dishes etc and then I happened to say Ragi muddhe and chicken curry happens to be my favorite dish and Pooh was quick enough to say that her mom prepares awesome muddhe and chiken curry, and she also prmoised me that she and her mom will cook my favorite combo meal some day.

Some time late in the day, I was chatting with Pooh on gamil chat, and she asked me if I was free on Sunday(the next day), when I asked what for?, she told me that we all are going to have Ragi muddhe the very next day!. I was so happy. You made my Day! Pooh. After that it was all about waiting for lunch time on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon 1PM, Pooh and Satish landed at my place with Ragi muddhe and Chicken Curry. We all enjoyed the lunch.

What a lunch I had that day. Thanks to Pooh and her mom, I got to eat one of my favorite combo meal, Home cooked Ragi muddhe(Ragi Balls) with chicken curry. It was yummy.
Now, I need more of it, and more often :). And best part is I know who to ask for :)


Rize said...

:).. nice..i would replace chicken curry with mutton curry though :D...
and how the volvo bus waits for you..hmm something fishy somewhere!

Pitila Aka Sandy Boi said...

The one rupee offer is over, So I don't think the volvo will wait for me anymore.

Rize said...

pitila! when is the next post?

Pitila Aka Sandy Boi said...

There should be one soon, Hopefully by wednesday

El Furibundo said...

Lei.. yellappa!!? waiting to read more from you...