Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Dreamer

It was 6:30am, bright nice sun rise, hot bed tea, beautiful Himalayan range all around u.

I was sitting on a slab just outside this only tea shop around on a cross road, when I heard a beautiful voice. I did not bother for a while, then I realized someone was in fact trying to talk to me, I turned back, A cute Lady, probably the most cute girl I had seen till that date spoke out. “Hi, Can you tell me how we can go to Jalori Pass”. She was beautiful, cat eyes, long hair and a voice to die for. I was so stunned that she had to almost hit me to wake me up. She along with quite a few were in a Jeep, looked like some family trip, there were two of these vehicles. I did guide them to the way to Jalori Pass and was still lost about seeing this beautiful Girl. I sat there completed my glass of tea thinking about her. I could hear whatever she said again and again, making me actually turn back and see if she came back. She was in a total joy mood, all enthusiastic about going to Jaori pass, the nearest peak from where you could get a glimpse of ever beautiful snow clad mountains of Himalayas. I could not wait for rest of my group members to get up from their sleep, as I badly wanted to cycle to the peak to get a glimpse of what I had cycled for three days, No No, it was not just the Himalayas, but also the Sweet Girl added to the agenda :D. It was 7:30 when we finally left the camp and started upwards. The whole ride was just super, and I was surprised with my own pace, I could not believe my energy, probably the desire to see that gal got me going on and on.

I did the reach the peak and was so surprised and happy to see the sweet girl on top, She was sitting in the temple and praying a little aloud. I heard her pray, Dear God, Can you see those snow clad mountains, somewhere there is Mt. Everest and I am told it is very beautiful, I want to climb that one day.......... I was stunned, she had so much enthusiasm about mountains, she even was busy telling about how much she enjoys walking and hiking to the people who she came with. Never before had seen such a dreamer, climbing Mount Everest was just a small dream; her bigger dreams included becoming a doctor, working with under privileged. Now this got me even more interested to talk to her, know more about her. After some hiding and following her, I did manage to talk to her, before I could talk more, we both were interrupted with our respective groups that it was time to leave and head home.

Never had such a beautiful morning in my life till then and I knew I will have a trip to remember forever. If someone asked who is a dreamer, I wish I could show her picture. As we were riding back, we were halted by a Police patrol vehicle, asking us to be real careful while going down as just 10 minutes back a tragedy had struck in the mountains, A jeep had fell off a cliff 400 ft down. I could not just hear probably what was going, it was my team lead who was talking to the police. All I could make out was a bad accident, we started riding very slowly as directed by the patrol team and our team lead. All along I was only thinking of whose jeep could that be, I had already lost the strength, I could not ride anymore, I was literally pushing the cycle and walking. Something I sensed wrong and did not have the courage to pass the accident site. But then I had to, I did the reach the site eventually, Police vehicles, lot of people, Ambulances, people running around, Not a scene u would want to see after a lovely morning. I was just looking at only one thing, frantically searching for a bright red jeep. I was relieved to see the jeep in which the sweet gal was sitting when I last saw her, I was trying to smile, just when I saw two people carrying a gal in a stretcher to the ambulance, I tried to see who it was, The doctor came by tried to retrieve her. He gave up hopes all the people around moved away, and there she was Sweet girl was one of 11 people inside the ill fated jeep, hardly 7 years of age, resting in peace, still carrying that beautiful smile on her. Tears all over my face, only wondering how a dream had been shattered. How destiny can lead you or control you. She was supposed to be in the other jeep, but then destiny probably had some other plans. I never expected that I would remember this day for all the wrong reasons. One drivers fault and a billion dreams shattered. A Lesson learnt, Drive safe, it is not just you and your dreams, there are millions other dreams with you in the vehicle, and respect that.

This is based on true story.